How jet distirbutors work

Let’s take a closer look at Jet Distributor 16x1m. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use solution for making your own irrigation system.

jet distributor irrigation system

To make this system work you will need a hose (current one 16mm), jet distributor, pump and end-plug.

hole for jet distributor

To install jet distributor into the hose, you’ll need to make a hole in it, and put there a rubber fitting, which helps to hold on the distributor strongly inside the hose.

jet distributor and irrigation hose

After that, just twist a distributor into the rubber part. 16 tips at the end of the jet distributor should be placed into the pots/rockwool.

irrigation system

We use 400 liters per hour RP pump 400. Insert main hose into the pump, and put it to the tank. After that, make sure you’ve shut your container with tank cover properly.

To complete with your system use an end-plug like this at the end of the main hose.

end plug

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